Are you standing in a giant puddle where your living room should be? If so, don’t panic, Mr. Water Damage are here to help with a dedicated range of services designed to restore your home in the aftermath of a flood event. We are the cleaning industry’s leading professionals when it comes to water damage management. We offer a comprehensive range of services to thoroughly dry and clean your Sydney home, restoring order and ensuring the health of your family. If your house has been damaged by water, then act quickly and give us a call, our professional team has all of the skills and equipment required to help.


The first and most important part of managing flood damage is to extract as much moisture as possible and dry out the affected area. We can supply a wide range of specialist equipment designed to dry out an area that’s been damaged by water including dehumidifiers and high speed fans. To manage the wet carpet, a floor drier will be brought in to ensure all of the water is extracted from the fibres before any cleaning is performed.


The next step in restoring your Sydney home is to ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned. This is particularly important if your home has flooded with storm water as this is known to carry debris, chemicals, bacteria, and pathogens which can damage your carpet and potentially harm the health of you and your family. Our premium carpet steam cleaning service is an ideal way to sanitise your flooring and restore it to its original appearance. It’s also important to wipe down and disinfect any surfaces and furniture which have come into contact with the water and treat them for mould.

Mould Removal

Mould is not uncommon in houses that have suffered water damage as remaining moisture left in an enclosed space is the perfect environment for it to grow. We are able to safely remove the mould and ensure it does not return.

For more information on the extensive range of services that we offer throughout Sydney, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 031 917